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We've put in thousands of hours studying plagiarism checkers and outlining the best ways to maintain honest writing. Now, we present our advanced tool that goes beyond just checking for copied words. It's designed to be a trusted partner in your writing journey.


How can I verify plagiarism without any cost?

For complimentary plagiarism checking, use a free online plagiarism checker. There are numerous tools available, and our A*Help team has reviewed many of them. Visit our website for more information. However, if you want a straightforward option, consider using our Free Plagiarism Checker.

Do students have access to a free plagiarism-checking tool?

Indeed, our Free Plagiarism Checker is tailored to assist students in verifying their academic papers. You can use it five times a day at no cost. While there are other options online, we at A*Help have evaluated various tools. If you need guidance, you can check our rankings.

Which plagiarism detection tool is used by educational institutions?

The choice of tool often varies by institution. Commonly, schools lean towards plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin and Unicheck. Some also opt for Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker. These are among the top choices for educational bodies.

Is rewording considered as plagiarism?

Paraphrasing involves expressing someone else's ideas in your own words. Even if you restructure sentences or use synonyms, you must acknowledge the original source. Failing to do so means your paraphrased content could be considered plagiarized.

What's the acceptable percentage for copied content?

Typically, academic assignments should be entirely original, with no trace of plagiarism. But, a minor percentage of unintended similarities might be acceptable. Many institutions tolerate a range of 5% to 15% similarity, while some might even accept up to 20%. It's wise to consult your professors or institution's guidelines to know the exact allowances for your work.

Is copying someone's work against the law in the US?

In the US, plagiarism isn't typically illegal unless it involves copyright infringement. Nonetheless, it's viewed as an ethical or honor code breach. Consequences arise based on the guidelines of the specific institution or employer where the act occurs.

Is plagiarism noted in your academic history?

Indeed, plagiarism can appear on a student's academic record as a violation of ethical standards. If found guilty, a student might face suspension or even expulsion, and such actions are typically documented by the school. Hence, plagiarism is a grave issue that can impact a student's future academic pursuits.

How many words can I borrow without it being considered plagiarism?

Using more than three consecutive words without citation is deemed as plagiarism. Similarly, using charts, graphs, or images without proper references is considered taking someone else's work, which might also infringe on copyright laws.

If I alter just a few words, is it still considered copying?

Indeed, merely altering a few words or swapping them with synonyms can still be labeled as plagiarism. When you rephrase someone's idea, it's essential to credit the original source. Plagiarism is avoided only when the thoughts and words are genuinely your own.

Complimentary Tool to Scan Your Academic Writings for Plagiarism.

If you’re a student, chances are you’re writing several research papers over the year. These papers demand extensive reading and research. Sometimes, amidst all the data and sources, you might unintentionally miss adding a quote or citation, resulting in plagiarism accusations. Considering the effort you put into research, that’s the last thing you’d want.

That’s why we at Academichelp have introduced a free plagiarism checker for students.

What’s a Free Plagiarism Checker?

It’s a tool designed to assist students and professionals to evaluate the originality of their writings. It scans your text, flags possible plagiarism, and points out the dubious sections. Many universities already use tools like Turnitin or Unicheck to assess submitted work. But these checks are post-submission. If the plagiarism exceeds a certain threshold, like 15%, consequences can be serious, sometimes even impacting your academic record. So, to ensure that your work is clean, it’s wise to check it yourself first.

Benefits of Using an Online Plagiarism Checker

With extensive papers, it’s easy to forget a few citations. As you dive deep into research, sometimes you may lose track of where each idea came from. By using our checker, you can ensure that you’re not accidentally borrowing someone else’s work without credit. The tool is swift and might only add a few references to your work, safeguarding you from possible penalties, reputation damage, or even legal complications. Plus, you can validate the originality of the sources you use.

While we designed this tool primarily for students, educators, content creators, and others can benefit from it as well. Whether you’re vetting an academic essay, research paper, or a blog post, the tool proves valuable.

Why Not Manually Check?

You might think a personal review can catch plagiarism. But, ensuring every line is original by manually comparing it to sources is daunting and time-consuming. Given that you wrote the text, you might also have biases that prevent you from spotting plagiarized sections.

Instead of investing hours in manual checking, why not utilize technology that offers quick results? Use the time saved to relax or indulge in hobbies.

Online Essay Plagiarism Detector: Your Academic Ally

In today’s digital age, ensuring academic honesty is crucial. The shift to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of regular plagiarism checks. To steer clear of any plagiarism issues, students have turned to online tools. Our Free Plagiarism Checker is designed for such needs. It’s easy, doesn’t involve any hidden charges, and gives results in moments. Visit, and ensure your work’s originality in no time.

Online Plagiarism Checker: A Brief Overview

Ever written an essay or a research paper and wondered if you’ve unintentionally copied someone else’s work? This is where our Free Plagiarism Checker comes into play.

How Does It Operate?

The checker operates through algorithms designed to detect resemblances within texts. Here’s a step-by-step guide to use it:

  1. Uploading or Pasting Text: You can either upload your document or paste its content into a dedicated field.
  2. Analysis: Post submission, the tool will scan your document. The outcome showcases:
    • A general percentage showing plagiarism extent.
    • Highlighted sentences indicating direct copying or paraphrased content.
    • A list of potential source materials on the screen’s left.
  3. Downloading Your Report: If you wish, you can download the analysis report. This is handy, especially if you need to prove your work’s originality later on.

Remember, the tool lets you run five checks daily for free, renewing every 24 hours. However, there’s a word limit of 1000 words or four pages per check.

Why Opt for Our Plagiarism Checker?

  • Cost-Effective: It’s free, ensuring your academic integrity without any monetary concerns.
  • Swift Results: Avoid waiting days for a professor’s review. Get instant analysis with our tool.
  • Accurate Source Detection: No more manual Google searches. We point out the matching sources directly.
  • Advanced Technology: Our tool is smart. It discerns correctly formatted quotes and won’t falsely flag them. Plus, it’s adept at catching student “cheats” like hidden characters.
  • Mobile-Friendly: On the go? Use the tool directly from your smartphone.
  • Safety First: Your personal data remains protected, thanks to our adherence to the GDPR.

Incorporating our Plagiarism Checker into your writing process not only ensures your work’s uniqueness but also helps in refining it. For instance, if a professor has set a requirement for a specific number of sources and you fall short, our tool will suggest potential sources to integrate. Additionally, its feature of identifying “identical text” can aid in pinpointing areas that may need better formatting.

In essence, our online plagiarism checker is more than just a detector; it’s a tool to enhance the quality and authenticity of your work.